There are so many digital analytics tools that you can use it’s hard to get to figure out what is useful and what is not.
Have you seen this epic diagram from Gartner?
Well it turns out there there are tools for every stop on this map...
So which tools do you actually need to know?
Here are a few that I think are vital to being a great digital marketing analyst:
  1. Most of the Adobe Marketing Cloud
    1. Adobe Analytics
    2. Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager
    3. Adobe Target
    4. Adobe Social
    5. Adobe Campaign
  2. Most of the Google Ad Ecosystem
    1. Google Analytics
    2. DoubleClick for advertisers
    3. Google Adwords
    4. Google Trends
    5. Google Tag Manager
  3. Voice of the Customer tools
    1. Foresee
    2. BazaarVoice
    3. UserVoice
  4. Email Management
    1. ExactTarget
    2. Mailchimp
    3. SalesForce
  5. Social Media Platforms
    1. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Ads
    2. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Analytics
  6. Webchat
    1. TouchCommerce
    2. LivePerson
  7. Video
    1. YouTube Creators Studio
    2. YouTube Analytics
  8. Visualization
    1. Tableau
    2. Microsoft Excel
    3. Microsoft PowerPoint
By now you are thinking, I AM SCREWED! I’m here to tell you, you’re not. To me all of these tools have the same foundational base, interaction data.
Each of these tools collect data in generally the same way, when something happens. Trigger —> Response. The rest is the user interface on top of that.
Akin to a car’s dashboard, the method of input are the same in every car you go in;
Trigger - wheels turn
Response - RPM generated
Trigger - YouTube video starts
Response - Video play counted
When you break down tools to this trigger - response methodology you are able to confidently pick up any of these tools and be able to incorporate this data into your holistic picture of digital marketing.