I think the tablet is going become more specialized in both commercial, personal and work scenarios.

At home, the tablet is going to be the main replacement source for consuming long form content. Things like magazines and newpaper articles. I also think that people are more willing to do private things on tablets because they are less likely to be lost because they will be mainly left at home.

At work, tablets are still not ready to replace notebooks, their responsiveness is not quick enough and writing on glass or some hard surface is not a replacement for paper. For people that don't take notes, like more senior people tablets are a great resource to read notes and documents with searchable features. Overall, I expect more and more executives to leverage tablets but more middle management not to find a use for them.

For commercial usage, tablets are an amazing way to bring interactive customer experiences to customers. Things like custom insole apps or swing analyze red or custom letters on a jersey. It will replace paper based product material in the retail (retail in the broadest sense) environment.