Some exciting improvements in Adobe Analytics! All of them in the Analysis Workspace

Easily the best update to Analytics Workspace is conditional formatting. The ability to quickly distinguish that something is very good, good, neither, bad or very bad helps all of my stakeholders when they have a few minutes to look at the self-service dashboards.

I'm going to try and post some examples next week.

Here are all the updates that went live.


Undo actions sequentially in an Analysis Workspace project, easily enabling you to go back a few steps to pursue a different analysis path. Watch Video

Conditional formatting

Spot outliers more easily in Analysis Workspace by overlaying data tables with vibrant colour to highlight items that performed better or worse than average. Watch Video

New visualization types

Tell a story with your data in new ways with bullet graphs, treemaps, and scatterplots in Analysis Workspace. Watch Video

Custom date range improvements

Compare data over time in ways that are unique to your business needs with custom date ranges. With this update, custom date ranges can now be used as items in the standard project calendar in Analysis Workspace. They can also be dragged and dropped on to the calendar to replace the previous date range for the project. Watch Video

Deep linking to projects

Easily share Analysis Workspace projects with colleagues and executives by quickly generating a shortened URL which can be copied and inserted into email and other collaboration tools. Watch Video